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Decals, Bumper Stickers

Vinyl Decals:

Although the correct industry term used these days is "decals", many still refer to them as stickers, or bumper stickers. Whatever you prefer to call them, what we are describing here are those decals printed on opaque vinyl stock (as opposed to transparent polyester stock). Since ours are printed on vinyl as opposed to paper, and water-proof inks, they are weather resistant and hold up for years in outdoor conditions (such as on your bumper). They can also be used on signs, vehicles, windows, etc. Although there are some standard sizes, we custom cut them to size so you can order the exact size you want. We can print up to 30" X any length you need. They are available in white and yellow. One color up to full color printing is available.

Clear Decals:

These decals are screen printed on clear polyester stock. They are most often used on glass, such as a window. They can be printed with the adhesive on the inside or the outside. That way they can be applied from either the inside or outside of the glass. These are printed as spot colors, and usually printed from one to four colors.

Static Cling Decals:

We have recently added Static Cling Decals to our line of screen printed decals. These decals do not need adhesive to adhere to most smooth surfaces. After removal, these decals can be reapplied many times. Their backing is primarily clear although some colors are available. They are used primarily on glass however, and can be affixed to either the inside or outside of the glass. Since there is no adhesive, there is no adhesive residue when the decal is removed.


General Notes:

The decal types above can be used on many substrates. The vinyl decals are the most versatile because the backing is opaque. That way they can be applied to both light and dark substrates. They are screen printed, and in quantity their prices can be very reasonable.

For those who might only need as little a one decal we have a solution. We have a great new digital printer capable of producing short run jobs quickly. The ink used is an eco solvent ink. It is very weather resistant, unlike printers using water-based inks. Although more expensive than purchasing decals in bulk, short run jobs are possible. Plus, full color printing is available. We recommend this solution for signage, vechicle graphics, and specialty uses such as the guitar at the right of this page. Although we are willing to accomodate, inexpensive items such as single bumper stickers are not recommended due to the relative high labor cost required in producing a single piece.

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