Custom T-Shirts, Sweats, etc.

Custom T-Shirts, Sweats, Caps, etc...

Custom screen printed apparel is our specialty. We have been custom printing apparel longer than any of the products we offer, and longer than any company in the state (since 1967). Whether it's t-shirts, sweat shirts, golf shirts, jackets, athletic uniforms, caps, etc., we do them all.

We screen print both large and small orders. Whether you just need 25 t-shirts or tens of thousands of t-shirts, we can handle it. We have the equipment to produce any size order quickly, efficiently, and at a great price.

50% Off Set-Up Fees on T-Shirt Orders!

That's right! For a limited time we are having a 50% Off Sale on our screen set-up fees for t-shirt orders of 25 or more. This makes the screen set up fee only $15.00 each instead of the normal price of $30.00 each. Place your order soon before the sale ends!

We do both simple one color prints to complex multi-color prints. We do four color process printing, simulated process printing, as well as spot color printing. In spot color printing we have the capability of 8 distinct spot colors. In both the four color process printing, and simulated process printing there is no limit to the number of colors we can print. In addition we offer specialty inks such as puff, high density, shimmer, glitter, metallic, reflective, suede, and foil. Depending on your needs, we will work with you to provide the best print possible within your budget.

  • Printing on dark color garments is our specialty. (Printing on dark color shirts is more difficult than printing on white or light color garments, but we have the equipment and techniques necessary to really excel at dark garment printing). We do both spot color and simulated process printing on dark garments. If the printing is done correctly the printed colors will be bold and bright, the way you expect them to look. If not printed correctly, the colors will appear faded, or the color of the garment will show through.
  • For example if you are printing white on a black garment, the print can appear gray instead of white if not printed correctly.
  • Or, if printing white on a red garment, the print can appear pink, if not printed correctly..
  • Rest assured that our printing on dark color garments is exceptional, whether it is a single color print or multi-color printing, your prints will be as bright and bold as you expect them to be.

Please note: Naturally, we also print on white and light color garments! Obviously, if we can do award winning dark color garment printing, then our printing on white and light colors garments must really be spectacular!

Athletic Team Printing and Numbering...

We also do Athletic Team Printing and Numbering on T-Shirts and Athletic Jerseys. We carry several brands of athletic wear. If your team has a tight budget we recommend using a quality t-shirt instead of a more expensive athletic jersey. Either way you choose, we have got you covered. The color of our athletic numbers match the team name print perfectly because we screen print the numbers (as opposed to using heat transfer numbers).

Because we have a numbering press we are able use the same ink on the front team name as well as for the numbers on the back. That way the two match perfectly. When printers (who do not have a numbering press) use heat transfer numbers on the back, it is rare that they are able to match the front screen print color to the color of the heat transfer number on the back.

Single Shirt Orders...

Need Just One T-Shirt? Click Here for Single Shirt Orders Page!


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